• Nandini Ramani

    Nandini Ramani

    VP of Engineering @Twitter

  • rmloveland


  • Masoud Sharbiani

    Masoud Sharbiani

    Father, engineer, gear head.

  • chavonneo


  • Alphonso Sensley II

    Alphonso Sensley II

    👨🏾‍💻iOS Engineer. Tech Enthusiast. Apple Inc Fan. Life Long Learner.

  • Cliff Worley

    Cliff Worley

    Sr. Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing @ Kapor Capital, Former Chief Digital Officer for Daymond John from Shark Tank and Nasdaq YEx Advisory Board Member

  • Don Marti

    Don Marti

    Don Marti works on open innovation at Mozilla. He used to be editor of Linux Journal, and also contributes to the Aloodo project.

  • Grisham & Cruz LLC

    Grisham & Cruz LLC

    Grisham & Cruz is a unique boutique recruiting firm that is women and minority owned and multi-lingual. Our focus is IT recruiting and various other functions.

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